Demo shops on various templates

WordPress WooCommerce demo build stores

Beautiful couple

WordPress WooCommerce

 WordPress WooCommerce  – a pair that has established itself as a great tool for online sales.

E-commerce WP-Woo

The most popular WordPress + Woocommerce CMS in the world - in many cases - the perfect solution for creating an online store.

For you:

Here are demos of online stores on free templates, “as is”, without add-ons introduced by plugins.

Difficult choice

A huge selection of templates, both narrow special and universal, allowing you to create an online store, make the choice not easy.

Website creation

Anyone who has set himself the task of creating a site and does not have experience in web design faces a choice: either turn to professionals, which is not cheap, or try to make your first site yourself. A large selection of CMS ("engines") and an incredibly large selection of templates for them is a real choice problem for an inexperienced person. Here we are trying to facilitate the task of choosing a template for those who decide to create a website on their own on WordPress + WooCommerce.

Template for CMS

When we see a finished site assembled on CMS (we don’t consider other options here), most often, it is the result of a combined engine, template and plug-ins (additional modules), which in total gives us the design, functionality, and a number of technical parameters that we see such as, for example, download speed. The template ("Theme", "Template") is the first thing you need to choose for a future site on the CMS. Of course, there are also custom templates (developed individually for a particular site), and other points ... which for a beginner are premature, because here we do not touch on this.


WordPress WooCommerce

The most popular CMS on the planet


According to various sources – from 25 to 35% of sites in the world work on WordPress. A well-thought-out, friendly and intuitive admin panel, the broadest possible settings and additions, and a developed community ensure the popularity of WordPress.

Developed Community

WordPress during its existence has formed a global community in which information exchange, assistance and support are well established.

Wealth of choice

For WordPress offers an incredibly wide selection of templates, including – and to create online stores.

Unfortunately, even for expensive paid templates, Demos are far from always illustrative, and for free ones … Often, “a pig in a poke” is the most appropriate definition.

WordPress WooCommerce

Most WordPress stores are based on the WooCommerce plugin. WordPress-Woocommerce stores have long established themselves as a reliable and effective online trading tool with great potential.

Arsenal of plugins

In the legion of WordPress plugins, it’s not easy even for an experienced web designer to navigate – such a huge selection is offered for expanding basic functions.

Help with a choice

Here, to help you choose from among the free templates, or those that are free, but also have the option of paid expansion, demo-assemblies of stores are presented, where the design and functionality of different templates, with links and the ability to download for free.

Absolutely free

Here You can:

WordPress WooCommerce


See in detail the demo builds of stores on different templates for WordPress-Woocommerce

WordPress WooCommerce


Download the archive of the template (theme) for installation on your website. Only free versions, but many of them you can expand to Pros yourself.

WordPress WooCommerce

To get the consultation

You can get free advice on many issues regarding WP-Woo.

WordPress WooCommerce

Test Drive

Get a test drive of the demo site. Without Borders. You can take a new one at least daily until you make a choice.

Take the site to the test

Take a real ready-made site (not a demo) for testing, so that later, if you like it, you can rent it, buy it, or order your version.

Take a test hosting

Here you can take for a free test (15 or 30 days) excellent hosting with incredible support, choosing from a wide range of tariff plans.

WordPress WooCommerce

About templates, layouts, plugins, installation and customization, and much more that is needed for the store.

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