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Hello to all!

What is here?

This site is a selection of demo installations of stores on WordPress-Woocommerce, on free templates. *** Free – means that, in principle, in the “out of the box” version they already provide the opportunity to launch a full-fledged (more or less) store. But almost every template can be expanded to Pro-, already for a fee, of course, while the functionality, settings, etc. will become the maximum possible for a particular template. Clearly, in a free mode – a stripped-down version. Hello!

Why? Hello!

It’s usually a task to see an explanatory demo for a free template, all the more so to watch a lot of them at once, all sorts and different, and so as not to rummage around it all over the Web, puzzling Google 100,500 times, getting confused by yourself – it’s not at all real. And it’s absolutely hopeless to see a separate template in all its skins.


Therefore, the idea arose to put together as many different templates as possible, to make demos “as is”, adding almost nothing, and right there, next to it, to give information, what-to-what-and-how. This is for starters …

Thus, we hope that we will give the seeker a more or less suitable tool for familiarization and selection, as well as create some kind of information base regarding templates, and a platform for the exchange of information and opinions.

How will it all look?

Add another template. If it is represented by several skins, it means that under the common signboard of the template all available skins are presented. We do the assembly “as is”, adding only the “share”, “like” buttons, and the feedback form, sometimes – we add a bit to the menus and pages, if necessary.

For each template we give information what yes how. And subsequently, as far as possible, we replenish and expand information.

We give the opportunity to leave comments.

Anyone can carefully study the installation from the outside.

You can download the template for free. You can get advice – free of charge. Of course, we do not have a limited amount – the possibility of dense employment on a voluntary basis. You can leave a review … share information … and so on.

In addition … If someone wants to use the installation from the inside too – we’ll do it. Of course, we will not let you into the demo. But here, clone the demo to a subdomain, and give access to it to the admin panel – is real. Use, study …

Perhaps – we’ll create something like a forum as a separate resource …

Something like this.

P.S.: by itself – there will be an advertisement – where would it be without it. But it’s not as obscene as on the sites of “news”, together copying and pasturing (often) raucous “news” under “fried” headlines, and piling on ads like the last time … We will try to maintain moderation.

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