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Product Landing Page, Astra

Product Landing Page Astra. You can see the DEMO HERE

Briefly about the Astra template

The Astra template is easy to download, modern, and even in the free version is quite functional.

To facilitate the implementation of various types of sites, the template offers a wide selection of skins (in fact – ready-made layouts) for creating sites for various purposes. Including shops. Some skins are available in the free version, there are those that are available only in Pro-.

Here are demos of only free skins, in the assembly “as is”. From our additions – only the buttons “share”, “like” and the feedback form. At the same time, this site itself, assembled on a simple landing page, which is described below, is already supplemented with multilingualism, is slightly cluttered with widgets in the basement, etc., which clearly demonstrates the difference between the boxed assembly and the result of its refinement.

About the Product Landing Page skin, Astra

An unpretentious, but quite elegant landing. Out of the box, there are only two pages, the Main page, and the “example page”, in which in this demo we got a little bit off ourselves.

At the same time, if desired, you can create at least 100,500 pages, blog entries. And to twist everything that gets imagination and enthusiasm, turning the landing page into a full-blown site.

Of course, the settings allow a lot – the choice of colors, fonts, layouts, and everything else.

Woocommerce – Compatibility.

Of course – the skin is compatible with Woocommerce. Therefore, you can make a sale directly on the landing just as well as on the “big” site. As well as screwing everything that is available in the Woo arsenal.


The boxed “home” page has been compiled in Elementor. Accordingly, in it and edit. Hence: when the template is installed, and the skin is loaded, choose Elementor from the four proposed editors. Otherwise, the installation will have to be done anew — you won’t be able to edit it in others, and “changing shoes on the fly” is not provided.

In addition to Elementor, you will have at your disposal a “classic” editor (this is where this article is written). We will not describe it in detail here – he is not the subject here.


First, install the template itself, Astra. This can be done both by downloading the zip archive from your computer, or from the WordPress repository – there is a template there. The second way, of course, is easier.

Plugins provided for the template must also be installed, which is simple and straightforward (more about this and more in the Astra article, Installation and configuration).

Then, to select a skin, activate the “Astra starter site”:

Product Landing Page Astra

As a result, we get here:

Product Landing Page Astra

Here you can simply scroll to the desired one, you can use the filters at the top. Skins with the nameplate AGENSY – available in the paid version of the template. If you select FREE in the filter, you can immediately limit yourself to searching among free skins.

After choosing a skin, load it, not forgetting about the right choice of editor.

Order the installation of this landing page

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